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Project Description
Reflection proxy class generator makes it easier for .NET developers to access non-public members of .NET types and use non-public classes with reflection.

This is a small utility that generates reflection proxy classes - i.e. classes that contain methods and properties matching all methods and properties (public and non-public) of specified .NET classes and calling the latter with reflection. So if you have the following .NET class:

class MyClass{
private void SomeMethod(int i, string s){}

the generated reflection proxy class will look something like:

public class MyClassProxy{
public void SomeMethod(int i, string s) { /* reflection call onto the underlying type's method */ }

Support for "out" and "ref" method parameters, indexers; possibility for specifying a group of classes for which proxies will be generated; members with non-public type will be mapped to the corresponding proxies if such are included in the group of classes for proxy generation.

for detailed description and how-to-use manual look here -

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